Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Let's not compare

I'm tired of "comparing" my life with others or i should say tired of seeing others constantly do it. Is it impossible  that everybody becomes happy with whatever he or she has got either it is beauty or money? 
Happiness is so simple and people go complicated ways. By being satisfied i mean you don't covet anything that others have, rather work with all enthusiasm and determination to achieve your own dreams. I am certainly not implying lethargy. Wouldn't it be a beautiful world?

No matter what you do, you'll find someone more beautiful, intelligent,richer,healthier,successful than you. Its better you accept what you are, with your body, brains, relations, beliefs. (as long as they are original, of course).
 Even if you do achieve zenith of all that - beauty, intelligence etc you wouldn't be happy! These things in themselves are not fulfilling. What is fulfilling is the feel of having lived your dreams. And if your dreams are ugly, that is they only exist to prove your superiority over others, you wouldn't get any satisfaction upon their fulfillment. You get an ego-fulfillment in beginning, but soon life will teach you that those who matter don't care "who" you are, status wise & those who care, do not matter.

There's absolutely no point of comparing two persons' life. Each is an absolutely different story, each person is surrounded by different circumstances & environment. Its as absurd as comparing a chair and a fruit!
I would rather prefer to appreciate everybody, from a sibling to a sweeper, whomsoever i come in contact with, and help them to realize their dreams.

However intricate and baffling might be the cosmic drama of life, it is rational that everybody cannot be a "king". Everybody has to play their own roles. And thankfully, economic equality might never be achieved but happiness is seek able by everyone. 

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